Welcome to the UCD Sub-Aqua Club’s Try a Dive event page.

You are taking the first step in your Scuba Diving career!


Step 1. Read through the event summary and familiarise yourself with the layout of the event and to make sure that you are eligible to take part in a try a dive.

Step 2. Fill out the registration form below.

Step 3. Download the disclaimer form here and bring it to your Try-A-Dive.


Event Details:
This event is organised by University College Dublin (UCD) Sub Aqua Club (SAC).

All instructors are members of UCD SAC and all are Garda vetted via UCD. Other personnel (Shore marshal, deck safety, equipment manager) are all members of UCD SAC.

Age Requirements & Youths (Under 18):
If a youth (under 18) is attending this event, their parent/ guardian must be present, either participating in the scuba or observing from the pool deck. All standard UCD pool rules apply to all participants.

The parent/ guardian must also sign the Medical & Liability Disclaimer form on behalf of the youth prior to the event.

No photography is permitted within the pool. Outside the pool, general UCD social media policy applies.

What to Bring:
All you need to bring is your regular swimming suit, hat, and a towel. There is no need for swimming goggles. We provide all of the Diving Equipment.

Event Layout:
Start Time: 19:00
Event Duration: 2 hrs 15 mins

Registration Form: