Any student, graduate or staff member can dive with UCD if they have undergone the necessary training - See training information page for details



What do I need to start diving?

Sign up to the club in September. The club provides the equipement so you don't need to buy anything during the initial training. Of course you will eventually need to have your stuff but first things first. If it's not Septemeber and your not a student, send us an email and we'll chat about what the best way to get you out diving with us!


Where do UCD dive?

All over Ireland, we go away, a number of weekends every year and also dive mid-week in Dublin Bay. That includes night diving and wreck diving. Check out our gallery for places and faces


How deep can you guys dive?

Depends on your qualification. As a trainee diver (1 star), you won't normally go beyond 25 meters. As a club diver (2 star), you should not exceed 30m unless accompanied by a diver of a higher grade. Remember, the depth is not everything. Most of the world's sealife is concentrated in the first ten meters of water. And below 30m you usually would not see much and your dive is going to be short.


I already have a diving qualification. Do I need to go through training again?

If you have CMAS/CFT qualification, no additional training is necessary. If you are PADI/BSAC member, you need to go through a cross-over procedure, which involves a couple of lectures and a short version of pool test. Contact our training officer for additional information