Malinbeg Trainee Diving Weekend

Our Trainee Diving Weekend happens in Malinbeg, County Donegal and is run over St. Patrick’s Weekend. It marks the official start of the dive season and for many, their first trip with the club. It is the one weekend of the year that is completely dedicated to getting as many of our trainees qualified as possible to become One Star Divers.


What do I need before I go?

All your diving gear – Suit, Mask, Snorkel, Booties, Fins, Weight Belt; Pick up Tank, BCD & Reg from the shed on the Thursday beforehand.

Towels and a few changes of warm clothes – Hypothermia can be common in Malinbeg after dives so to be prepared to tackle this, pack a large towel for covering your nudeness on the side of the road when you change into your wetsuit; Pack warm clothes including waterproof jacket and trousers, woolly hat and ‘proper’ shoes (you will be miserable in converse or pumps in the rain)

Cash and Beeeer!!! – Take cash out of the ATM before the weekend because there ain’t no fancy stuff like that where we’re going, around €80 for the weekend. The pub is not to close to the hostel, so even though we organise a bus to pub from the hostel in the evenings, bring some cans to have with your dinner!!

Log Book – To log all of those cool qualifying dives

A Lift – Be sure to organise a lift well beforehand as they fill up close to the weekend!

Insurance and Membership You will receive another email reminder with instruction from our treasurer, but if you haven’t paid your insurance, you will not be insured to get into the water.

Watch the video below to see for yourself what to expect on this epic weekend!!