A summary of club fees for students, undergrads, post-graduates and alumni for UCD SAC and Underwater Hockey

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Membership Fee              €40
CFT Insurance                  €55

Dublin Bay dive Fee 1      €40

Weekends dive Fee 1       €20

Max dive fee of €100/year
FREE diving then after 2




Membership Fee              €50

CFT Insurance                  €55

Dublin Bay dive Fee 1      €40

Weekends dive Fee 1       €20

Max dive fee of €100/year
FREE diving then after 2

Graduates 3



Membership Fee            €100

CFT Insurance                 €110

Dublin Bay dive Fee 1      €50

Weekends dive Fee 1        €25

Max dive fee of €125/year
FREE diving then after 2

1   Dublin bay diving fee and weekends trip dive fee are only optional and applies to you if you attend the weekends away trip.

2  FREE diving (No dive fee) applies to you once you have paid the maximum dive fee (Combination of Dublin Bay dive fee and Weekends away dive fee) in your category.
For Example: if you are an under-grad student and have been to 3 club weekends away (3 x €20) and have paid your Dublin Bay diving fee of €40, then you have reach your maximum dive fee of€100 for the under-graduates. This means on your 4th weekend away you don’t have to pay any diving fee.

3  Graduate Moniteur Instructors and above membership fee is €50. (50% discount) Weekends fee is €20 up to €100 max excluding Malinbeg.

   You must have a valid dive insurance and in date medical before you can get into the water.
   Guest Diver: If you are not a current member of UCD SAC but were in the past, you can dive with us as a guest diver for a fee of €15 for the maximum of 3 boat dives per year without the need to pay the full membership. To become a member, you then need to pay the difference to join us. If you are a member of UCD SAC and not based in Dublin to pay the Dublin Bay diving fee, you can still do 3 Dublin bay dives per year for €5 per dive. If you are a current member of other clubs, €10 per boat dive, excluding training dive and tests.
   To qualify for UCD SAC membership rates, you must be a current UCD student or alumnus. However, the UCD SAC student membership fees will apply for students from any college once it is proven that you previously studied in UCD. For example, if you are a current student of UCC but previously studied in UCD you can claim UCD SAC student membership. You must provide evidence of your student status.

Trainee diver fees

   SCUBA Training Course Fee  €60, First time club joining fee is €15 which covers the free pizza and Try-a-Dive

   Starter pack  €45 (logbook + course material, student handout and carry case)

   Trainee (1-star) diver certification €15. Once you complete your open water dives to receive your internationally recognised certificate from CFT.

    The fees below are currently under review and NOT finalised. If you have any questions, please contact the UWH officer for clarification.

Underwater Hockey Fees

Student Fees

€30 membership fee for semester 1 and 2 for non-scuba members.

Non-Student Fees

€50 membership fee for semester 1 and 2, for non-scuba members.

  If you are also SCUBA diver (Paid Diver insurance) you have a FREE pass to UWH for the first 2 semesters. No excuse not to give it a try!
For UCD current or past students, you get 2 free UWH sessions per semester.
All fees from UWH will put towards buying new gear for UWH club and developing our UWH team.

How to pay?

You can also do a bank transfer using the club account below.This could take up to 3/4 business days to be receive and confirm by the club.

UCD Sub-Aqua Club Bank Details
IBAN: IE30BOFI90135140255630

Trip Cancellation Policy

    FREE cancellation up to 7 days before the trip start date, unless otherwise stated by the trip organiser!
    If you do NOT show up: you will be charged for the FULL cost of accommodation + food!

   If you sign up to a doodle poll, UCD SAC assumes you are attending the trip and we will make the necessary arrangements for you.

Any changes to your booking MUST be done at least 7 days prior to the trip start date to avoid any fees.

You must reply to the trip organiser Email and contacting Diving Officer via do@ucdsac.ie and remove yourself from the doodle poll.We