Learn new skills

Training takes place on Tuesday nights in UCD from September to February. The training comprises a series of dive theory lectures which run parallel to practical pool sessions. 

Lectures covers the following topics

  • Selection, purpose and function of diving equipment
  • Purpose and use of diving signals
  • Diving physics
  • Medical problems related to diving
  • Use of dive tables and dive computers
  • Function and use of scuba equipment
  • Mechanisms of respiration and circulation
  • Use of buoyancy devices
  • Comparison and selection of diving suits and ancillary equipment
  • Methods for care and maintenance of equipment
  • Accident prevention, self-rescue and buddy rescue including CPR
  • Diving procedures,
  • Role of dive leader, importance of planning and preparation

Pool sessions will cover

  • Snorkelling
  • Assembly and fitting of scuba equipment;
  • Entry and exit
  • Surface swimming with full scuba equipment 
  • Proper weighting, buoyancy
  • Clearing and replacing mask and mouthpiece
  • Out-of-air emergency procedures, using a secondary air supply
  • Controlled buoyant lift
  • Diver assistance techniques, towing and landing a casualty
  • Employing expired air ventilation and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.
  • Underwater removal and replacement of scuba and ballast systems
  • Simple under-water navigation

We organize snorkels in Dublin Bay throughout the winter. This gives trainees their first taste of the Irish coast and allows them to get comfortable wearing wetsuits and snorkels in the water.