Inisboffin, Co. Galway

13th July 2020 – 26th July 2020 all-day
Co. Galway
UCD SAC Committee

Our annual super-long getaway! This trip is two weeks of mad craic and diving on Boffin Island. The trip is open to all, but especially to our esteemed veterans! Feel free to come and go—as long as you tell the man with the plan, Pat Neville our Boat Officer. 


Diving – We will be diving around the whole island (it is, in the words of our crustie expert divers, “paradise”). The sites range from trainee sites to advanced deep diving. There’s also cave diving, drift diving, wreck diving, shore diving, just lots of diving! The depth ranges from 5m to +45m. The profile of the seafloor is diverse in pretty much everything. 

As for other divers, there’ll be yer local cowboys. 


Civilisation – We will be staying at Inishbofin Hostel +/- rented houses. There are 3 pubs on the island, the handiest for day drinking being Day’s Café which is at the top of the slip!

The nearest ATM is in Clifden so bring lots of cash! (i.e. mainland, circa 2 hours).