Halloween Weekend ((Strangford Lough, Co. Down) or (Carlingford Lough, Co. Louth))

30th October 2020 – 2nd November 2020 all-day
UCD SAC Committee

Our chill-out Halloween weekend! (Mostly craic with diving on the side). 

Diving – We still dive, but not every adventurously! Usually by the time this weekend rocks around we’re all too dived out from the year to make any effort getting those heavy tanks on our backs… Sooo instead we cozy up beside the fire in the pub, and we know there’s reliable diving out there in the lough of we want it! That diving would be two wrecks (inner and outer lees). The seafloor profile is something you don’t aim to see because it’s more of a quicky in and out job!! The maximum depth is 25m.

Surroundings – We always always stay at Barholm Hostel. Sure we may as well own the place by now! The nearest pub is a 1 minute  walk around the corner, and the nearest ATM is in Strangford Town (also less than 5 mins up around the corner!) . 

(More info as the date gets closer…. Because sometimes we get the notion to be sociable and join every other college club from around the country at Intervarsities which is also held this weekend! IVs are mighty craic! But Strangford is a kind of tradition! It’s always a hard one to decide!!)