Meet the Team

Ciaran’s job is to steer the ship and focus on the club development strategy while making sure we are on the right trajectory!

Ciaran signs executive orders from time to time. He makes sure everything runs smoothly and everyone in the club is happy, whether we are in training or in Coppers! Ciaran also makes sure the committee stays in check.

He’s the one to contact in relation to any club queries or complaints.

Ciaran McHugh

Club Captain, Chairman

Gav loves his boat gear and to delegate everything!!

Gav’s job is to organise dives and trips away, making sure everyone is following the rules while having an enjoyable and safe dive.

He is the guy who plays the tune if you at the weekends.

He organises all the logistics of diving, from picking the right dive site, giving the brief to making sure everyone gets fed.

Gav O Briain

Diving Officer

Ian loves the sea, beach and everything Aqua! 

This is Ian. He is doing his best to promote underwater hockey but it can be difficult when it’s compared to underwater Quidditch (God loves a tryer)!

Underwater Hockey is a great sport and has loads of events plus…who doesn’t want to keep fit?!

Ian is the Poseidon of the club FO SHO!

Ian Leavy

Underwater Hockey Officer

Ciara is your typical secretary: poised and ladylike on the outside and falling over her feet on the inside.

Ciara (aka Chief of Staff) is the captain right hand and her job is to keep all the officers on their toes with their actions and to-do list. 

She looks after the admin side of things and makes sure UCD is happy with all our paperwork.

She manages most of the club correspondences and anything to do with your membership.

Ciara Coyle

Club Secretary

“I love the club, weekend trips and boat races” 😉 

Suze is the superstar who oversees the club finance and you need to keep happy after the tax man. 

Suze has been part of the club for 5 years and has 2 stars! She also has a masters in marine ecology.

Suze is passionate about conservation & sustainability.

If you pay your fees on-time that’ll be the end of it. She will not look for you, she will not pursue you, but if you don’t, she will look for you, she will find you and she will kill you.

Suze Longmuir


Adam likes sea swims, people who let him play with their dogs, and speaking in an American ascent.

Adam (aka cowboy) ensures our safety and is prepared for any emergency.
He has been a safety and emergency response professional for a number of years.  Any incidents or safety concerns should be reported to him and he will handle the matter in an appropriate and confidential manner.

His job is to make sure the equipment you use are safe and maintained to the highest level of standard.

Any question or problem with the gear, drop him an email and he’ll get back to you. You need to keep him happy by signing out any gear you borrow or face the consequences!!!

Adam Romans

Safety Officer

Chris is in charge of FUN!

He makes sure all incoming trainees are bonding and having the craic (not to mention everyone else in the club).

Weather it’s a Blue Planet binge night in the cinema or BYOB mini golf, Chris pulls out all the stops!

Chris Wong

Trainee and Events Officer

Older than Yoda but not as good looking.

Patsy is our boat officer, which means it’s all his fault when the boat breaks down.

Patsy’s job is literally to keep the club boats afloat, from patching a hole to raising the divers-down flag.

Any boat related questions, he’s your guru!

Pat Neville

Boat Officer

The scientific officer plays an essential role in our sub-aqua club by educating members
on marine biodiversity and inspiring conservation-based initiatives.

Sloan has been a member of the UCD SAC for 3 years and has always been eager to share her love of marine life with others.
From species identification on our dive trips to local beach cleans and
plastic-free projects, Sloan hopes to encourage a healthy respect for our seas – both
above land and below the surface!


Sloan Massie

Scientific Officer

Water baby, future mermaid and personality as bubbly as a jacuzzi!

Caoimhe does a terrific job in putting us in the spotlight and making everyone look fabulous! Whether it’s an alternative fact or fake NEWS, she does a tremendous job of BOOMing our social media! (and ego)

She is awesome, Right!

Share your amazing weekend photos with her!

Caoimhe Fox

Public Relation Officer