Mehdi Entezary

  • Overall responsibility for UCD Sub Aqua
  • Responsible for the smooth running of the club and making sure that everyone on the committee is doing their job.
  • Interact with other clubs
  • Acting as the UCD interface for the club
  • Help writing grant applications and preparation of Club reports
  • Representing the club at meetings and events
  • Designated liaison officer
  • Person to whom to contact in relation to any club inquiries





Diving Officer

Cathal O’Fearghail

  • Organising all diving that takes place in the club
  • Acting as the CFT interface for the club
  • Recommending people for courses and putting people forward for tests
  • Person to whom all diving related incidents and accidents should be reported


Safety Officer (Youth Officer)

Ciaran McHugh  –





Equipment officer

Davy Lynn

  • Responsible for the purchase and maintenance of club dive gear and equipment
  • Responsible for managing the shed and liaising with UCD on club facilities at UCD.
  • Person to contact in relation to club gear & facilities.

Boat officer

Stephen Kelly      (AKA Steager)

  • Taking care of the two Club boats Ad-Astra and Barramundi
  • Includes services on engine
  • Anything boat related
  • Person to report any problems on the boat

Training Officer

Gavin Ó Briain

  • Organising pool sessions/lectures for training
  • Responsible for paperwork associated with training novices
  • Facilitating all training and courses within the club
  • Person to talk to about doing any CFT courses

Underwater Hockey Officer

Zac  Campbell

  • Organising pool sessions for training
  • Responsible for underwater hockey

Trainee Rep

Claire McGuiness

  • Acting as a representative for novices on the committee
  • Talking to novices and voicing their opinions to the committee
  • Talk to this person if you are a trainee and want to change the way we do something


Ellen Casey

  • Taking minutes at meeting
  • Helping in the organisation of paperwork of the club and assisting other roles in the committee
  • Person to speak to if you want something mentioned at a committee meeting

Public Relations Officer

Daniel Farrell

  • Organise website
  • Organising fundraising
  • Organise publicity for the club
  • Talk to PRO about any ideas for fundraising or potential events you want to run


Suze Longmuir

  • Main person in charge of money
  • Grant preparation
  • Managing accounts
  • Managing receipts, club fees, insurance and membership
  • Talk to them regarding any form of money

Senior Treasurer

Aine Purcell Milton

  • Assistant to Treasurer and help in grant preparation