Take a scroll through our calendar of events. This page is intended to give viewers a glimpse into what UCD SAC has planned for 2020.

Saltee Islands June bank holiday @ Saltee Islands
Jun 1 – Jun 4 all-day

What better way to relax after the stress of exams than taking a trip to the Saltee Islands!

The Saltees are 5km south of Kilmore Quay, County Wexford, and are a group of uninhabited islands which host one of the worlds major bird colonies and a breeding ground for grey seals! Being a hiding place for both pirates and rebellion leaders, the Saltees hide as much secrets beneath the water as they do above.

With wrecks such as the SS Lennox, the U104, the Lismore and topographical sites such as the Connigmor and Connigbeg Rocks. What better way to start the summer than to take in the South Easts best diving!

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Allihees August bank holiday @ Allihees, Co. Cork
Aug 2 – Aug 6 all-day
Halloween bank holiday @ Strangford Lough
Oct 26 – Oct 29 all-day
Crossover Trip Killary @ Killary, Co. Donegal
Nov 9 – Nov 11 all-day
Malinbeg @ Malinbeg
Mar 13 – Mar 17 all-day

UCD Sub-Aqua is proud to present the trip of a life time! We’ll be off the the tropical paradise that is….MALIN BEG!

This dive & snorkel weekend will consist of Sun, Sea and the best craic imaginable! *(Sun not not included)* We will be staying the the best accommodation around, Áras Ghleann Cholm Cille. Known for it’s 5* self-catering service you will not want to miss.

Our annual trainee weekend, and our favourite trip of the year! If you’re an aspiring 1 star then this trip is a requirement. The main focus of the weekend is to qualify all of our trainees to 1 star Scuba Divers. If you’re an avid can drinker and/or boat racer* this trip is also a requirement for you!


Diving – We will be shore diving from Malinbeg Pier. Our maximum achievable depth will be approximately 10m. The profile of the seafloor is sandy, and if we’re lucky, the water can be crystal clear! Our buddies from DCU SAC also dive off of Malinbeg pier this weekend, so there tends to be a few healthy inter-club dance offs on the pier whole kitting up!

Surroundings– Our regular accommodation is Áras Ghleann Cholm Cille. It is self-catering, so if you can cook you’re more than welcome! Feasts and pints will be had by the many. The nearest pub is 10 mins by bus (sing-song en route is tradition), and the nearest ATM is in Killybegs (the point of the journey where civilisation stops and waves you on your way).


*A 2019 rendition of the historic Boat Race!

Kilkee, Co. Clare @ Kilkee, Co. Clare
May 1 – May 4 all-day

Diving – As declared by Jacques Cousteau, Kilkee is the best place in Europe for diving, and one of the top five in the world. Dive sites can be found that go from 10m to 45m! Among the many fabulous dive sites around, Kilkee has a few hidden treasures, like the phenomenal Blue Pool and its infamous ‘Letter Box’! 

Other clubs like UL SAC, Kilkee SAC and possibly NUIG SAC also tend to join us for a dive or two! 

Surroundings – Our Kilkee accommodation is the lovely Trident Holiday Homes, which is self-catering. The nearest pubs (and local nightclub) are about a 5 min wobbly walk away, and the nearest ATM is in Kilkee town. 

Dingle, Co. Kerry @ Dingle, Co. Kerry
May 29 – Jun 1 all-day

Diving – Blaskets people…. BLASKETS!!!! 

We don’t really know what else to say? Apparently the last Blaskets weekend is down in the history books as being some of the best diving that has ever happened in the club!

In saying that, the boat trip from Dingle to the Blaskets is very long and very weather dependent, so not to worry, we have contingent dive sites just in case! The entire Dingle peninsula is dotted with incredible dive sites like The Crow Rock, Brandon Creek, Smerwick Harbour etc. 


Surroundings – We are staying at the Rainbow Hostel which is self-catering as usual, and is literally right around the corner from the main strip of pubs in Dingle! The main slip in Dingle tends to be a bit busy so we have a few quieter ones in mind just in case, most of which are only 5 min drives from the hostel!

Some fellow divers from UL SAC will more than likely be sharing our very large hostel with us, and possibly some may join  from UCC SAC also. 

There are ATMs and even Card Machines in Dingle pubs!! Fancy!

Inisboffin, Co. Galway @ Boffin
Jul 13 – Jul 26 all-day

Our annual super-long getaway! This trip is two weeks of mad craic and diving on Boffin Island. The trip is open to all, but especially to our esteemed veterans! Feel free to come and go—as long as you tell the man with the plan, Pat Neville our Boat Officer. 


Diving – We will be diving around the whole island (it is, in the words of our crustie expert divers, “paradise”). The sites range from trainee sites to advanced deep diving. There’s also cave diving, drift diving, wreck diving, shore diving, just lots of diving! The depth ranges from 5m to +45m. The profile of the seafloor is diverse in pretty much everything. 

As for other divers, there’ll be yer local cowboys. 


Civilisation – We will be staying at Inishbofin Hostel +/- rented houses. There are 3 pubs on the island, the handiest for day drinking being Day’s Café which is at the top of the slip!

The nearest ATM is in Clifden so bring lots of cash! (i.e. mainland, circa 2 hours). 

Malin Head, Co. Donegal @ Malin Head
Jul 31 – Aug 3 all-day

Diving – Weather and tide dependent, we will be launching from Portronan Pier (stone’s throw from the hostel) or Bunagee Pier. 

The maximum depth is 40m. The west and southwest are abundant with sites to see!

The topography is made up of rock walls, caves and reefs, decorated by wrecks 


Fun Facts:

  • MV WILLIAM MANNELL – First World War converted minesweeper sunk when she hit a mine. Lying in 30 metres of water in Culdaff Bay, Co. Donegal. 
  • RMS LAURENTIC – 15,000 ton White Star liner mined during the First World War carrying a cargo of gold to Canada; all but 2% was recovered. Lying in 40 metres of water 2 miles north of Lough Swilly.
  • INISHTRAHULL ISLAND – Various wreck and reef dives around this island, strong tides and exposed seas requires experience and well-equipped divers.


Surroundings – We will be staying at Sandrock Holiday Hostel, right by the bay. The nearest pubs are Crossroads Inn and Farran’s Bar, a 20 min walk. The nearest ATM is in Malin Village (circa 15min drive). 

Halloween Weekend ((Strangford Lough, Co. Down) or (Carlingford Lough, Co. Louth))
Oct 30 – Nov 2 all-day

Our chill-out Halloween weekend! (Mostly craic with diving on the side). 

Diving – We still dive, but not every adventurously! Usually by the time this weekend rocks around we’re all too dived out from the year to make any effort getting those heavy tanks on our backs… Sooo instead we cozy up beside the fire in the pub, and we know there’s reliable diving out there in the lough of we want it! That diving would be two wrecks (inner and outer lees). The seafloor profile is something you don’t aim to see because it’s more of a quicky in and out job!! The maximum depth is 25m.

Surroundings – We always always stay at Barholm Hostel. Sure we may as well own the place by now! The nearest pub is a 1 minute  walk around the corner, and the nearest ATM is in Strangford Town (also less than 5 mins up around the corner!) . 

(More info as the date gets closer…. Because sometimes we get the notion to be sociable and join every other college club from around the country at Intervarsities which is also held this weekend! IVs are mighty craic! But Strangford is a kind of tradition! It’s always a hard one to decide!!)